Three little kittens



Once upon a time there lived three little kittens. There the time came for the kittens to leave their mom and seek their fortunes. On an auspicious day they all got ready to leave home. The mother cat gave an advice as, “Whatever you do, before doing anything think twice and then make a decision. That would be the best way to get along in the world”. Mother gave a pack of pie to all the three kittens and wished them good luck.

The first kitten felt very bitterly parting from the mom, where he had been with his mom and good food and a happy childhood. He gazed again and again fondly on his sweet home before leaving. The second and third kittens were watching him seriously and getting ready to move on.

On the way the bigger kitten wanted to forget his sorrow of leaving his mom by eating the pie she gave him, one by one all the way. The second one was telling him not to eat everything at a time, because if they don’t get food for sometime, they have to manage with this pie. The elder one couldn’t hear him and started to finish eating the whole pack. The second one was keeping at least half of the pack safely.

The third little kitten was thinking again as their mom adviced. He thought there must be some important reason behind his mom’s giving the pie pack. He doesn’t want to eat that pie. So he decided not to eat that pie but planned something else important with that pie.

They all had to move a long way to reach the town nearby and look for a place to stay. There on the way they could find a beautiful farm house. The first little kitten was moving fast and tried to enter that house to have some milk to drink as it felt little hungry. He forgot about his mom’s advice totally and never thought anythingelse other than the milk. The second kitten blindly tried to follow his brother. The third kitten also wanted to follow both of their elder brothers.

But the next moment the cute little kitten thought of his mom’s last words. Remembering the golden words of their mom, it stopped proceeding forward and started thinking.Something stopped him from entering the house all of a sudden. So he was not entering inside the house and was hiding behind a wall to see what happens to his brothers who have been entered in already.

‘wow .. what a delicious food! So many items too .. We are so lucky bro’ the two brothers were shouting happily.

But the third one was thinking seriously, ‘what is this! Who made all these food and left everything over here. Ridiculous, better not to eat these food. Because something tells him they need to be alert. So he ran inside so fastly and warned them not to touch any of that food. But it was in no vain. The two elder ones couldn’t hear their younger brother’s voice as they were not able to control their watery mouth. They were much hungry too. They couldn’t hear any of the words of their younger brother. So they started eating everything and finished everything within minutes. As soon as they finished eating the food they started sleeping and lay down on the dining table itself. The third little kitten was much worried and went out to see outside as he suspected something dangerous.

Yes.. His doubt proved its danger. There was a big wolf heading towards the house with great smile as it smells them easily as it was very nearer. Oh, the third little kitten was much shocked and became helpless to save both of their brothers. The big bad wolf, who dearly loved to eat fat little kittens, came along to see the suspense in his house. The little kitten climbed up on the roof to look for a way to save his brothers and get out of the house. Before geeting up it locked the door from inside and pulled a chair and kept on the door. The wolf ran to the door and tried to open it. As it couldn’t open the door it tried to climb up on the roof.

The little kitten saw the wolf climb up on the roof. He got an idea to save his brothers from the cunning wolf. The little kitten came down faster and lit a roaring fire in the fireplace and placed on it a large kettle of water. When the wolf finally found the hole in the chimney he crawled down and fell down right into that kettle of water and that was the end of his troubles with the big bad wolf. It screamed like a thunder. The roaring sound of the wolf made the two big kittens wake up little. The little one had a chance to make them alert. Both of them was scared and were in half sleep too. The third smarty pulled them both and ran away as soon as possible and faster.

They all wanted to see their mom at once and share their critical experience with her. Both the elder ones were much worried for they missed the way to home. The third little kitten made them happy by showing the way to their home easily as it was dropping all the way the pie their mom gave to him. Both the elder brothers hugged their sweet little brother for saving their life.

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