Pavala Sankari

Words could never tell you494px-WoodlandKingfisher
How fruitful friendship always be,
Just little words that come out
That are heavenly meant
That makes the heart smile
That makes the life worthwhile!


Brushing up the tears as well as
Picking up from the pool of confusion
Sinking in sadness avoided by consoling
Mending up the broken heart with feather
Blowing out the heartbreak away and
Turning out the world upside and around!!


Even though the past is past untold
Future will be fantastic humanity
Even though not able to keep the
Feet from stumbling could get a hand to
Grasp and save from not to fall deep
When in need of care warm hands spread


Decision making may depends
Encouraging ever supports
Boundaries never be determined
Could give the room to grow by himself!
And accept him as he is himself!
Could pick up the pieces to put back in their own!
Glad and sad times all passes through easily!

Friend is like a halcyon with the power to calm winds of the sea
Friend is like an owl who is wise and beautiful
Friend is like a flower who is soft and silky
Friend is like an angel of love who is in disguise
Friend is like a heart which bears everything
Friend is like a heaven where you can rest peacefully!!!


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2 thoughts on “Friendship Forever!

  1. True Friendship is really praise-worthy; it multiplies the good in life and divides its evils.
    A Well-written poem Pavalaa; awesome! Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. Fragrance of friendship is blooming in the lines. Congratulations madam.

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