Maravanpulavu K. Sachithananthan

Mannar, one of the five districts in the Northern Province, one of the nine provinces of Sri lanka.

It is a Hindu minority district in a province with 85% Hindus.

Around 9,000 Hindu families are at the mercy of the Bishop of Mannar. This is the situation since Portugese conquest. Francis Xavier came to Mannar. His infamous Mannar inquisition left many pits of human skeleton now under excavation by the Archeological department.

Empowering Hindu families is our goal. Mens agitat molem is the Latin phrase. Mind moves matter. Stronger the mind, stronger is your will power. Stronger will power of individuals makes a strong social fabric. Hindu social fabric is weak because Hindu minds are weak.

When you are surrounded by a strongly knit Abrahmic social order, determined to break the minority Hindu social fabric, weaker minds further weakens.

Empowering them has been my agenda for the last 50 years.

As Secretary General of the Federation of Young Men’s Hindu Associations, I had the direction from my colleagues to plan a Hindu Youth empowerment programme in Mannar district, fifty years ago.

We formed Young Men’s Hindu Associations in almost all Hindu villages in Mannar district. We took volunteers from other districts to inject moral courage among Hindu youth.

We planned self employment projects. We arranged for training of Hindu youth from Mannar in Canada and India. Mr. Ganeshamurthy from Mannar who was tarined at Madurai, is now the secretary of the Federation of Saiva Tamil templs in UK. He always addresses me as his guru.

War intervened and all our projects were abandoned. Internal displacements and international migration made the Abrahamic religionists to strengthen their base. In fact people here talk about how Abrahamic religionists were fanning and flaming the war to weaken the Hindu base and exploit the weakness to penetrate, permeate and proselytize.

Post war, the Abrahamic priesthood induced their missionaries and love jihadis to fully exploit the situation. Demographically Hindus became a minority in a district where they were the only religionists a few centuries ago.

During the past four years I took upon myself the task of recruiting volunteers to stem this tsunami tidal wave of Abrahmic onslaught. I should say that the Abramists are taking me seriously and working out ways to elbow me out without much success.

My success in the neighbouring Cheddikulam division of the district of Vavuniya in wiping out missionary activity was due to visits to every Hindu house, installing Hindu flag posts in each house. We followed it with a poster campaign. Periodically I took Hindu sevakas from South India (Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) to conduct in-situ training for the youth.

Dedicated volunteering made it possible to nearly wipe out any activity. Vigilance continues as these carcinogenic proselytizers do not give up easily.

A volunteer from Mannar having been invited went to Goa to attend the Hindu Jana Jaguritu conference during July 2018.

In Mannar I am following the Cheddikulam pattern with one addition. I compiled an 864 page hard bound book on Mannar and its hallowed Hindu history. I wrote in detail about the Mannar inquisition of Francis Xavier.

I included a chapter to make any one perform pooja at a temple.

I included a chapter on the ceremonies related to the death of a Hindu.

I included a chapter on days of pooja and fasting for each of the 12 months.

Then I followed with the relevant hymns to be recited at these poojas.

I have given a list of 424 temples in the district against a government list of 92 registrations.

I have given the denominational demographic composition of each of the 153 basic administrative units.

A la Cheddikulam, I am visiting along with volunteers carrying Hindu flags, a copy of the 864 page book and a poster to each Hindu house in Mannar district, initially covering the vulnerable areas.

The pictures you see are images of our work on 28th and 29th Nov. covering six villages, viz: Musali – Puthukudyiruppu 62 Hindu families, Musali -Kouukupadayan 45 Hindu famuilies, Musali – Maruthamadu 17 Hindu families, Musali – Potkerny 7 Hindu families, Mannar town – Nagathalvu 67 Hindu fmilies and Mannar town Sinnakadai 83 Hindu families.

These are the projections. It is for Sivaperuman to decide and direct us to the pattern and design HE has.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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