Ajith Subramanian


What do you desire my soul?
Happiness? And leave my heart with a hole?
What is right and what is wrong?
Happiness personified I am writing this song

Torn apart as you can see,
Tell me, how do you define me?
I am sane is what I think,
A lifetime just disappears in a wink!

Oh let me think about time a bit,
Quantum mechanics and the likes of it,
What is time? What is space?
Seems like I run on this recursive race!

What is truth and what is real?
Answering that makes my whole world whirl!
This moment and this second,
Don’t wanna lose it, I reckon

Tell me universe or tell me god,
Am I insane, am I a retard?
The puzzle of life I try to solve,
I melt in reality and I just dissolve!

Happiness and living this moment,
Is real and that I can see!
To judge or not to judge,
Truth and Morality it kills me!

Who put the rules? And why is it there?
To live life to the fullest, it’s just fair!
One life and I know I am the hero,
Puff! I disappear and I got to start at ground zero!

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