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Herewith I’ve attached the details of the short film ” I Live
Art”, by Katheeja Shireen


Details of Katheeja Shireen
At the outset , let me introduce myself as Katheeja
Shireen , am an M phil ., Scholar and a guest lecturer in English… I
have been an Advisory Panel Member with the Cenral Board of Film
Certification , Chennai from 2004 to 2012… I have been a Honorary
Jury Member for various Film Festivals in India… And this exposure
inspired me to take to film making….
About the Documentary Film: ” I Live
Art”- A Biopic on P.S . Govind Rao , Artist, Architect and
Antiquarian ( 27 minutes) is a film which highlights the life and
works of Mr. Govind Rao, who is an eminent architect and a creative
artist who has coloured the city of Chennai and other Metros through
his innate love for Art, Structures and Art forms…noteworthy
personalities like Sadanand Menon, Art Critic and Curator; Dr. K.M
Cherian, Chief Cardiologist: Mr. Venkatachalam. Chancellor,
Ramachandra Medical College have shared their views on their
association with P.S.Govind Rao and creative genius…

Katheeja Shireen
Ph : 96000 55550

The Gardens of P. S. Govind Rao

A Treasure trove of Bonsai, Saikei and Other Plants.

Architect and artist, Govind Rao had always been interested in plants and the sublime architectural beauty of bonsai, evoked an immediate liking and keen interest in this art form.

In 1963 a visit to the exhibition of Mr. Agnihotri’s collection of Bonsai, resulted in his including bonsai in his gardens. His first bonsais were of course the Ficus variety and they remain his favorites till date.

Over the years this multi talented personality, a painter, an architect, a musician and a gardener, created a veritable cornucopia of superbly sculpted bonsai and saikei plants in his gardens.

Govind Rao does not believe in a rigid bonsai or saikei form, he feels the artist’s imagination and visualization should be given a free flow.

He has combined a great variety of plants, cacti, succulents, ficus, crotons, grass, water plants etc. to create his saikei collection. In Bonsai also, while Ficus varieties form a major part, he has tried several unorthodox plants and created bonsais out of them.

It is a labor of love and deeply satisfying to his artistic soul.


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