Baskar Seshadri

It was around seven am this morning (November 26, 2020).

Rain was moderate. The activity on road was almost nil except for few people who have to move out anyway for the daily bread.

It was at this time I spotted these uniformed men of the conservancy contractor company who were cleaning. These people are hardworking, young, affable and friendly too. They were thankfully in their rain suit and doing their work tirelessly.

We may know that even to clean a house its a big task but doing that on a big road like RK Mutt road is no way a small task. And they don’t do for the sake of doing it.

They literally engage with their full heart and do it. I have seen them even cleaning the areas under the bus shelter near Mylapore tank bus stand and in next thirty minutes the road was clean and neat. They did this amid the rains with a little cup of tea and biscuit and since they know me well they extended their gesture with a big smile.

I reciprocated. But they need this from all. When you happen to see them next time on the road just stop for a minute and say that they are doing a yeomen service and pat their shoulders if you can or wish a women worker with a Namaste. They need this and we need them.

Our salutes Guys for all that you do to us in the climate of all seasons braving rain and shine .

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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