Let the Predation issue stop allover in schools


Seshadri Baskar

When the said victims expressed that they could not travel during the lockdown on any grounds, they are still being compelled to come in person. Many old students told they are ready for a video conference but the management is adamant on the personal Visits. In such case of a meeting I would like these following to be followed.

1 Two women police officers of high rank to be present

2 The whole process has to be videographed and the digital document should be with police

3 All the victims should be allowed to cover their faces and then be enquired

4 A Lawyer especially a women lawyer has to be present during the investigation

5 All expenses for the said complainant should be borne by the said school including the travel

6 No information of the investigation be let out to press and it’s the onus of the Police and Legal Personalities

7 Mother of the said student should be allowed to accompany especially sister if Possible else mother is the only choice.

Besides when the complaints had already been sent to the concerned departments there is no point in making an enquiry in the school level without representation from the Government.

This should be applicable to all schools which are connected with the Predation issue.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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