Kalaignar Award to Aaroor Dass

Baskar Seshadri

Renowned Dialogue and Screen Writer Aaroor Dass is to be given a Purse of Rs, Ten Lakhs (கலைஞர் நினைவு கலைத்துறை வித்தகர் விருது) tomorrow for His contribution to Tamil cinema.

He started His career with Sandow Chinnappa Thevar in 1959 but came to lime light with the Powerful Dialogues in Paasa Malar, A sivaji Ganesan Starrer and a Box  office Hit. This was in 1961 and there was no turn back.

He worked with Sivaji, MGR and Gemini Ganesan for Long Years and also was an assistant Director with Bhimsingh and A C Thiruokchander and Thirumugam of Devar Films. He was very active even in Eighties with The Block Buster Vidhi of Sujatha Films.

The Person who introduced Aaroor Dass to Nadigar Thilakam was The Veteran Gemini Ganesan. Aaroor Dass is 91 now and Lives In T.Nagar, Chennai.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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