Baskar Seshadri

Mrs. Meenakshi was born in Madurai in 1921 and married at the age of 13 and settled in Madras in 1935. Of course Its in Mylapore.

She Lived in the famous VSV Koil street till 1975 and then moved to Thiruvanmiyur –  She loved mylapore her living town of those days and at the age of 63 She moved to Houston, Texas with her family/Sons.

Mr. Vaidheeswaran her son is a regular donor to the homes here in chennai and in particular he did his bit during Covid times when i was handling my service in Chennai last two years.

Few weeks ago he called and assured to donate this New Year time and he kept his word and it happened as a food donation today in the Home in Teynempet.

Last December a week ago she celebrated her 101st Birthday with her Family in Texas happily.

She is hale and Hearty and its a Pleasant news to Mylaporeans that she studied in Ever Famous Lady Sivaswami School.

I am sure she must be senior most Living old student of this school. Namaskaram Amma. Our Pranams.

I Wish the school can do a Small celebration on this through a Video Conferencing sometime.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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