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Hi this is dipa,

Am playin the main lead along with Vimal in SOS I would like to clarify all the doubts and speculations that were raised yday by me walking out of the sets of sillunnu oru santhippu

As per thte accusations I walked out coz I had a fight with the second lead actress of my film which is not exactly the case This all started when her manager came onto the sets yday n quite troubled me by bargeing into my caravan a few times in her absence for no reasons I was quite surprised with his behavior n informed the team but they thought he was thr for her so they said pls adjust as she just had an hour shoot She then had a pack up n started doin an interview in the caravan with cameras n I had to get ready for my shots so I was waitin for her to finish As she took too long Istarted doin my hair n make up as I was called on the sets n I had to rush back Suddenly from no where her manager barged into the van again n asked my staff to leave sayin she s gettin disturbed for which I said ” I have to go so pls let me finish” so he on a very rude tone said ” do what u wana do outside “
I said ” listen u pls carry on with ur work n let me do mine “

Suddenly he pointed his finger at me n said ” don’t show me ur face” I was absolutely stunned at this behavior Coz quite frankly he was on my sets in my caravan which I was sharing with the second lead only coz it was requested by the team as she doesn’t generally have much n even if she s thr she s thr only for an hour or two So I asked him to simply go out as I was just doin mu job for which he immediately tried to punch me at my face n my make up artist just pushed him back

After all this I was too shocked n quite stunned n dint know what to do I dont think my submissive nature should be taken as my weakness by anybody n so I walked out of the van n went back to my hotel as that was the last resort as I had already complained about this n no action was taken

Then the team scolded him n the actress n made them apologies for all this n i immediately got back n v resumed the shoot

I had no intentions to create a fuss about it coz i have a lot of respect for the production house n my director n his team n this would only be a lil negative and i cannot jeopardize my film so I never wanted to take this beyond the team but however I m forced to speak about all this coz they have now told a whole diff story to press n I can’t keep quite n support them in sabotaging my career as I have always done my job with sincerity
I am sure I haven’t done anything wrong n so does my team

They have asked the actress to never bring that person again n also warned him that if there is any sort of harassment from him ever again they ll go official about it n take a stern action

It was a very sad n uncalled for event n frankly it has gotten my family worried too about my safety


Dipa Shah

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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