Baskar Seshadri

He is Sri Lingeswaran, a resident of Mandaveli. He is a devotee of Kollimalai siddhar and has been spending good amount of money for the cause of the poor and donates a lot to various charitable trusts.

Here in Mandaveli since the outbreak of corona he has been making mass feeding to hundreds of people everyday and you can find a serpentine queue everyday to get the food in the morning and during lunch hours.

Local construction workers, Ricksha waalahas, and all sorts of people gather every day to get their food. He had made arrangements to ensure that its done in an orderly manner. Steel barricades are erected as a make shift barrier and water is provided for washing the hands and to drink.

He has a team of workers and staffs to conduct this everyday.

What more?

His daughter Dr. Mohana is giving free consultation every day in the morning and evening. She is from AIIMS and also handles the patients at Sri Ranga Nursing Home, Devanathan street

Of course there are some complaints that its an encroachment happening everyday and the managers of the Trust denies this and say all best actions are in place.

There are some issues which I don’t deny since I had noticed few times about the crowd that surge there. In fact old used Betel nut Plate are thrown over and sometimes they float during rains and reach the next street ..

If some extra care is taken this can be regularised better with no inconvenience to any one. I plan to tell them my ideas sometime. On the other hand, their generosity is something extraordinary and one has to emulate the quality of GIVING. This food donation happens at Thiruvengadam street , Mandaveli.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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