Baskar Seshadri

What will happen if both DMK and ADMK vie each other to do something to a community. Read the story of Times that appeared Yesterday.

The Puzhuthivakkam Lake was in shambles with more of waste materials all over and Plenty of Hyacinth Through out in the twenty Four acres of water bed. Its the plight for the past two decades and no clear action was done by the Civic Body. After the announcement was made that DMK was all set to do the cleaning works ADMK rushed on this and started doing the work now with the Local body to involve fearing repercussions.

Result – In Just two days the whole of the lake was cleaned and is now in Pristine clear. See the Photos of Times of india that is copied here.

Whether its for the vote bank or not the joint action with animosity had ended as good for the people. Feeling too happy to see the blue lagoon Though Not really its a back water.

Photo and Info Courtesy: Times of India , Chennai

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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