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Baskar Seshadri

Myrtle Social Welfare Network is running remedial education centres at 8 SC & ST villages in Attrambakkam, odappai, seethanjeri Panchayat Poondi block, Tiruvallur district, by providing every day evening nutritional supplements such as cooked 150 gms of white and black chenna, white and black karamani, peanuts, double beans etc.

But due to funding we have restricted to 5 villages now, our needs are Rs. 2000 as a part time tuition teacher salary for each village and 10 kg pulses required every day for 5 centers, pulses each kg Rs.75 approximately, donor can give us cash or kind also. And cook salary is Rs.9000 including delivering in the respective villages.

Donor can transfer directly to the tution teachers and cook Bank account directly as money transfer. Beyond this if anyone can donate that could be helpful for the children they are most welcome. Donors can also give utensils and unused items like water filters, Good Mats, Mosquito coil among other things.

Now they urgently need fans in this hot summer as a priority item.

For any assistance on this i can be reached for guidance needed if any.

Contact: Baskar Seshadri – 9841033888

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