Baskar Seshadri

I used to see that lady very often in the Mada streets of Mylapore and she was around forty years old. She will speak to herself and wander here and there with a bag on her shoulders. Once when I offered some food months back she simply declined to accept and went about her work. She used to be very rough on everyone and try always to be agitated.

She is very slightly imbalanced.

One day when i was shopping in a pan shop she came straight and told me that she wanted to get a D T Next. (This English daily costs Rs Two) She took the paper and walked away.

Just recently when I was there in the pan shop she started narrating that she was a close family member of A Thangavel Nadar and sons and she is in penury since she was denied the property by some family members. I don’t know how far it’s true.

Then she spoke in a simple blemish-less English for about half a minute about her and moved on with a smile .I was wonder struck and the very opinion that all like her who are on Road are for alms . It’s not to be.

I am working as to how I could help her with some assistance one of these days. She is our Fellow citizen and she deserves what all we deserve. The equality is the basis of life and we should nourish that. Since she is a middle aged woman I have avoided her photo. I am sure you may come across her one of these days in the vicinity of Mada streets.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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