Baskar Seshadri

It was a wonderful Evening. It was too chill and i was almost near the Beach Front. But my Visit was not to be in the Seashore. It was a Visit and a meeting i have been longing for long Years and it happened few days back. Yes, it was a meeting with Kamakshi Paatti of Besant Nagar. People who live in adayar and Besant nagar Belt will surely know who she is.

She is a fighter and stands first when it comes to a civic Issue. Stake holders of the Governments are all well aware how she is straight forward and strong in handling an issue. Whether it’s the Besant Nagar Karl Schmidt Memorial or a storm water drain erection she stands in the Forefront to talk to officials over phone and handles effectively to get the issue redressed. She was on High Praise of the top officials like Rajesh Lakhoni, Vijay Pingle, Bedi of GC , Iraiyanbu and few more.

Years ago the officials of GCC were in a Process of axing few trees on Avenue road which was not called for. The purpose was enlarging the pavement. Since it was felt that Trees would be affected she went to the spot and protested against the act of the Officials. People realized her concern and the officials stopped the action immediately

Sample one More – She found a Policeman near her House some time back sipping a tea and discarding the cup on the road. She went straight to him and told to take it and drop it in the Dust bin. And he did it immediately, it’s just because of not a civic sense alone but the boldness and the age matters too. She has a lot of stories to share as she has been doing for almost three decades since she came to Chennai from New Delhi. She says she loves to do what she is meant for. If i don’t act i will die. This was exactly what she told during the one hour tete e tete . When our society has little care of the environment and civic sense her courage and determination is a classic example of how a Social Activist should be. She was of a Great praise on Vincent D Souza of Mylapore Times and Sridhar Venkatraman of Mylapore.

When i feel too tired to handle an issue i get dejected sooner but Kamakshi Patti is never tired and she is an energizer and a role model to everyone. Our salutes to Paatti, Atthai Pattti, Old Lady as being called by the officials and the residents of that area.

Thanks to Sridhar Venkatraman to make her reach me and i was glad that i could make it make it to her after long months of Conversation.

Thank you Paatti for the Lovely Hot coffee and Biscuits which added my energy further more after the meeting. And she was active, brisk to do everything on her own and was communicating perfectly with no Aid .

You should believe this to see her and she is ninety Four Years Young.

My Respects and Namaskaram to you. You are an asset to this Community and i Bow my head to what all you do to one and all around us.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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