I sit outside and stare into the sky,

Oblivious to the time racing by.

The innumerous bright stars,

and a million deep scars.

I sit outside and feel the gentle breeze,

Solace of loneliness and the uncomfortable eaze.

The infinite vastness of jet black space,

The heart healing at its own pace.

The real world, and the fantastic fantasy,

The absolute truth, and that which makes me free!

Stretched apart between them, I am.

A million minutes, the soul has swam.

I laugh today, I would cry another

The endless cycle Ive got used to, brother!

The tears of joy, and the weeps in pain,

I found today are one and the same!

A sudden chill and the drizzling starts,

Reminds me of those broken hearts.

Out of nowhere, the heavy feeling,

The silent smile, and kept concealing

A bit of light here and there,

The sound of thunder heard everywhere.

I sit outside and stare into the sky,

Gearing up again, to give another try.



1 thought on “One Quiet Night

  1. Your ‘One Quiet Night’  is well written. True , as you gaze into the dark sky, your mind’s recesses open with clear light! Keep posting nice poems.
    What about your poems in Tamil? Or your write only in English? 
    I do write short poems in Tamil , and occasionally attempts in English too. Please visit my blog:

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