Conceive, Believe and Achieve your Goals

 Muthu G Mudaliar, MS, MBA, RFC


WHAT are your goals for the future. Having a clear vision of a desirable future destination is a must. It also usually includes a time frame in which you are committed to make it real

When we use our intuition to help ourselves achieve our long-term goals, one of the two things will happen:

  1. We get the results we want and achieve our goal or
  2. We learn the lessons that are required to ultimately reach our goal.

The important thing to observe here is that you cannot really lo


Clear vision of desirable future will allow your brain to get specific about identifying what stands in the way and forces you to create some higher capability and increase confidence.  It must be something you are very passionate and committed with enough time, efforts and resources.


WHY you want it. You should do enough research to support your goals with lots of reasons.

The economic failures after 9/11 and 2008 taught most of us that we are not protected by any one career or company. As we watched our friends and parents lose their jobs, we realized that we need to diversify our skill sets, multiple income sources and rely on ourselves.

Ask yourself the following questions when Conflict begins?

  1. Are you happy with your life the way it is, or do you feel a calling for more control over your personal satisfaction and self-fulfillment?
  2. Would you be willing to trust that what feels intuitively right is really coming from a bigger perspective of who you really are.


We hear success stories of the people who lost their job or wealth and took a chance to start their own company. If you Start your own company, you can control your career and your life. As an entrepreneur you will take steps do something on the side or full time with a big source of inspiration, creativity and liberating feeling. Learning how to listen to your intuition and invest in yourself to learn new knowledge is a must.

The fear of Disapproval:

  1. One of the most powerful forces that keeps us from acting on what feels right is the fear of disapproval.
  2. If what you felt right were in conflict with getting that approval    we often chose to go for the approval rather than to be punished in some way. 


Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you willing to trust and act on what you feel intuitively right and make few more mistakes in the process, if you know you will achieve your goals faster?
  2. How would you approach your life and work differently if you knew you could not lose?


What is required to unlock the power is the right mind set and skills that all emerging entrepreneurs possess. 

Learning how to listen to your intuition & being able to sense what feels intuitively right can be a  challenge.  


You cannot control what is happening to you, but you will have more control on how to react to face the challenges and win. It requires courage to go from comfort zone into unknown territory. Proper habits and discipline will help you.



WHAT you want is clear vision of desirable future will allow your brain to get specific about identifying what stands in the way and forces you to create some higher capability and increase confidence.  It must be something you are very passionate and committed with enough time , efforts.

HOW to  achieve what you want from your experience and not discouraged by the fear of unknown.                            

You will discover HOW If you commit enough time, effort and resources. Identify individuals who have already achieved WHAT you want and learn their habits, experience and achievements. You do not have to re-invent the wheels. Please read the books, watch videos from thought leaders like Brian Tracy and watch the Maximum Achievement Movie to Learn the 7 secrets of success.

In spite of all your well-planned efforts and successful executions, you will face challenges and failures.   Emerging technology, government regulations etc. can cause Major disruptions to your target market. You can not control what is happening to you and your businesses, but you can control how to respond.

4 PILLARS OF WEALTH: Money, Health, Happiness and Wisdom

MONEY is something you earn from your profession, your investments and inheritance, It is essential that everyone has sufficient money to provide the food on the table, roof over your head, clothes to cover your body and make a living with a lifestyle you want. Divorces and suicides are common among wealthy. Money is not a requirement to nurture healthy and happy relationships. You also need wisdom to nurture happy relationships and manage money with trusted advisors.

HEALTH is very important to enjoy wealth. You have to eat right, exercise regularly and have healthy habits. Abusing body with excessive simple pleasures and bad relationships can bring misery, sickness, disabilities and pre-mature death.

HAPPYNESS can truly achieved only with loving relationship with your kids, spouse, parents and respect from your community of friends you have. Abusing money and authority can bring mistrust and misery.

WISDOM is the most important pillar and more difficult one to achieve than all other pillars.

Wisdom is to strike a proper balance in making money, maintain health and nurture relationships.

Wisdom is to know that we have more control only on our efforts but not  in achieving desired results.

Wisdom is to capitalize our talents, knowledge and strength to focus our efforts on tasks on hand.

Wisdom is to know what we can change and what we cannot change given the challenges we face everyday.


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