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Seshadri Baskar

Its matter of pride moment for Tejasvin Srinivasan, alumni of IIT Madras. He is proud that he will be showcasing his Cloobot Techlabs in Umagine in Trade Centre, Nandambakkam This Friday and Saturday

Tejasvin Srinivasan, resident of Ramaniyam Mangalaa, Srinivasan Street, Mandaveli is the CEO and Co-founder of Cloobot Techlabs, an AI-Tech startup. He did his BTech and MTech from IIT Madras.

Chennai based AI-Tech Startup, Cloobot Techlabs Unveils Cloobot X: A Revolutionary No-Code Workflow Builder Accelerating Enterprise Application Development.

Cloobot Techlabs Private Limited proudly announces the launch of Cloobot X, an innovative no-code workflow builder that empowers Citizen Developers to Create Custom Applications 10X Faster with simple prompts.

Debuting at the “Umagine Chennai Summit” on February 23-24, 2024, Cloobot X will revolutionize enterprise IT projects with a paradigm shift in software development.

“We’re democratizing software development,” says Tejasvin Srinivasan, CEO & Co-Founder of Cloobot Techlabs, emphasizing Cloobot X’s unique way of leveraging LLMs.

Cloobot X offers these following value propositions to their Enterprise customers. Tejasvin is a boy of Passion and has a fire in the belly .

Tejasvin 29  may be contacted at 7337733793. He had done Mandaveli Proud.

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