Biometric authentication like thumb impression can be introduced instead of signing ledgers on the stage while swearing in ceremonies. In every successful thumb impression, a green light can appear to the entire audience. This will be a symboilc representation of Digital India to the entire world. This will convey a silent and strong message to every citizen that we are in a new techno era & India is the leader.

Similarly, when every minister taking the oath, we can keep a large digital screen in the backdrop of stage & display the name, constiuency, state, with map, qualifications & achievements of that minister.

While taking the oath & making thumb impression, automatically all government websites, apps, name boards can be updated across India with new minister and portfolios; all those can be displayed on the screen live & instant. We can automate this process. This will make a huge positive impact towards governance & goodwill. People will believe the new India born.

My best wishes to the new ministry led by Shri.Narendra Modi. You all will make us proud, again and again.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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