How mosquitoes are biting us, little away from the reach of our hands? Mostly in back body, back arms, legs, thighs, forehead, neck… etc? I was wondering & observing this so long. If it is in front of us, we will kill them on the spot. Now, before we reach the spot, they will flee & stay safe.

Yesterday I found the reason, when a mosquito was biting me. It’s similar to Newton discovered Gravity when he saw a falling apple .

Mosquitoes have an ability to sense human eyes. They have a sensor to detect our vision in microseconds. Also whether the eye is active or sleepy, the direction and the concentration. So, it’s avoiding the focus point of eyes. You may notice, if we look or concentrate somewhere else, it will sit straight on top of the nose. In normal, it will prefer to bite, where we are not looking.

How are mosquitoes able to sense the vision?

I remember an unique feature of eyes. If someone look us from anywhere, from any distance, even we look in the opposite side, we will turn to them immediately. There is a connection / contact in between eyes.

This eye contact exists even with animals including snakes, dogs, elephants. In general, we understand this as a power of human eyes. Humans  make eye contact with other animals. Now we have to look in reverse. Animals and other species make eye contact with one another & also with humans. This research will be really an eye opener.
In this background, mosquito is reading human eyes to select the safe spot to bite. But, human beings don’t have the ability to read a mosquito’s eyes.

Quote from

Male and female mosquitoes see by using their two compound eyes for vision. Compound eyes are located on each side of the adult mosquito’s head and each eye is made up on hundreds of small lenses called ommatidia. The multitude of ommatidia enables the mosquito to see from many directions at once.

We need to create a device or sensor to detect mosquito eyes; also to create an artificial vision to send signals to mosquitoes that the human vision is active and following / focusing mosquito. If we make this, there is a chance to restrict mosquitoes.

In another way, we can detect mosquito eyes and send a nano laser light with more blink or bright or sound; if it happened, they will not come close to the object and surrounding. This should be only observed by mosquitoes; not by human or any other species. An artificial intelligence system can easily detect mosquito eyes by it’s unique design. If we blind that eye with a sharp light, that will be the end of mosquito.

I request biomedical scientists to take this research forward.

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  1. I found another truth. Mosquitoes not only reading the particular person’s vision; they also read other persons vision to select a spot to bite.

    Verified this with a real incident. My baby was sleeping on the cot. Iam just 3 feet away & keep watching, if there is any mosquito. There is no one in my vicinity. When I check little closer, a mosquito was biting on the side arm of child, which was opposite to me. This time, I was able to kill that.

    How man have various levels of sleep, similarly mosquitoes also have levels of biting. In the lite bite, if we come close it will flee away. But, when it bites deeply, it will forget the surrounding; so we are able to attack.

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