Baskar Seshadri

The dry run of covid shield vaccination had started today in all the seventeen centres of Tamilnadu and in chennai this is now happening in Rajiv gandhi Hospital and other prominent places and in most of the places its the health department officials who participated in the event.

Here in mylapore and santhome the venue chosen was the primary health centre at Santhome near the eastern end of Appu street. The GCC workers cleaned the whole area right in the morning to ensure the area is neat.

Medical staffs were present on the time and the GCC officials had canvassed on this and the priority for the vaccination is to be given only to front line workers in the beginning. All these actions are supported by the GCC and directorate of public health.

Persons who opt for treatment has to submit some proof of document so that the vaccination details be entered in the register and he or she may not be eligible another dose of vaccine. Normal temperature tests and oximeter tests are being conducted before the vaccination as part of medial practice .

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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