Baskar Seshadri 

When I knocked the manager room glass door there was a instant reply — please do come. I went straight to that madam and showed my letter and document for withdrawal.

Sir, please do sit for awhile. She called someone for a cup of coffee and made sure that it was placed in front of me.

Madam, I don’t need this but an issue is to be sorted out since I am on a deputation here for a period of six months.

She picked all the papers and after conversing with someone she solved my issue of withdrawals in just five minutes flat.

Am honored by your service ma.. so so glad that you came to my rescue.

Its my duty sir and if I don’t do it to Baskar sir aka csb who else will?

Common, how do you know my name?

Sir, you have forgotten my face and I had worked as your secretary for more than two years in mid of nineties..

Oh… ou are Saroja then?

No sir, I joined after she left…

Sorry ma.. I am on tabs very often. I tend to forget very many things

Its ok sir. I have no feeling on that count.

Oh oh… sorry ma, what’s your name?

Am Malathi…

Ya, I got it.

Ayyo, I have scolded you a lot and had made you embarrassed several times in connection with the impending work – sorry ma.

So what sir, that exercise had helped me to do the current work better.

Oh, I feel too shy and embarrassed now that these all come to my mind.

How do you got selected? Any service commission?

No sir, My husband died in the office when he was left with nine years of service and on humanitarian grounds they offered this.

Oh. all that you say melt me a lot. Sorry Mrs Malathi, please excuse now for all the embarrassments I had caused two decades ago.

No sir, your approach and perfection is now handy for the past two years. You have been working on perfectionism even those days and it had only matured. Credit still goes to you only for having shaped me to take up the assignment. I think of you every now and these days but never I dreamt I will have the pleasure to see you. She gave her card and on seeing that I was drifted back to early nineties.

Can I take a break and drop you at home…? How is your son Karthik ? We all saw him at Apollo. When he was born…..?

He is fine. More than the happiness of me seeing her as a bank manager the pressure she underwent those days was hitting my head.

I gave my hand to her and said please excuse. She caught of both hands and fell at my feet.

Malathi your patience is mighty. While in office and now at bank  and its time that I have to learn from you now onward.

No sir, in this twenty years plus you have grown much and I may be trailing behind by now.

You mean you ….oh no …no more sins on my head.

I will invite you for a coffee this weekend. Please do make it.

Sure, only coffee but no class for me.

It was a peel of laughter then on…

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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