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We all must be aware the problem the Policemen face when they are posted on Bandobust Duty. Most particularly the women Police. Normally the bandobast duty is handled by the police force when large meetings are held by political meetings and agitations are held or when National leaders land in Chennai. In such a case many police forces used to be deployed are drawn from suburbs and even from outstations. They can manage to eat elsewhere after the duty is over or can take a break and go for a quick bite.

But the main problem is they may not find a toilet or any small restroom in the vicinity. They have to depend upon a hotel or a shop which is an issue of embarrassment since their obligation may draw ire sometimes. But not anymore.

The state police had made arrangements to procure restroom vehicles for these police force which are taken to the sites where the meeting or agitation is being held in Chennai . These vehicles do have the facility to use a toilet both western and Indian with a wash area and change room. This is a boon to those who are drawn to the sites and there are six vehicles as of now, one exclusive for women.

There are official drivers for all the vehicles and the one which was parked few days back is shown in the picture. A Good initiative indeed. The vehicle is taken to the filling point like MRC Nagar or any other point in Nungambakkam for regular top up depending upon the location where vehicle is to be taken. The very idea though a long pending one had been implemented at a right time and kudos to the state Police in doing it so. Hats Off.

And there is a background news to this .An year ago a person an active man of Facebook had a chat with a sub inspector when he was on a Bandobust duty .He raised this point about the toilet facility with him and he expressed in negative and said it could not happen overnight as all those are to be done in a process which might take time.

Too disturbed at this Mr Chandramouleeswaran visvanathan took the matter with a serious intention to do something and posted first this on his facebook wall with a copy to the CM Cell.

Based on his petition and grievance the cell took the action and informed him back that they are in the process of finding a solution and arranging mobile toilets, zone wise soon.

Not this alone. Joint secretary of TN Government called him and apprised about the action that has been done based on his request.

All these had happened based on his petition and the system is now in place. Besides he received two calls from DIG of two different zones and expressed the happiness on the action taken by the state.

First the appreciation should go Mr Chandramouleeswaran Visvanathan on this for having taken up this issue and next to the state government for the swift action.

What a Concern and determination Sir, Congrats

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