Seshadri Baskar

ADMK which was started fifty years ago (17th October 1972) is starting the Golden Jubilee Year. It was a big storm when the Famed MGR Started this party and it almost brought a death knell to the DMK. Karunanidhi started his downfall almost after this and due to misrule and other factors DMK Got the Power back after several years. Jaya who took the mantle took it to a big stride and she developed the party to its peak even bettering MGR. But all came became Topsy Turvy after corruption and adamancy became the order of the day. Then comes to the massive corruption and Emergence of Sasikala as a power centre.

The rest is known to all. Till last month the seizure of the properties and Benami assets of sasi had totally wiped out her amassed wealth but she still holds a say in the party. After almost ten years the party is now routed and with all the party squabbles and greed among the party members at top level had razed it to ashes.

Now sasi is attempting to make an entry and cases on top echelon is hanging like a Damocles sword. Unless OPS and EPS Join hands with a real seriousness and cope up with Sasi there is no way they can emerge successful. If its not done ADMK May be wiped out well before the next elections. And going by the present happenings their emergence back is highly doubtful. Its end of the road of the ADMK almost. There is no one there for a soul searching at this stage in the party but their strong Volunteer base is amazing which if kept alive can help to kick back to life some time later.

But who will bell the cat? Is there any one there is a million dollar Question. Its time they have to wake up from the slumber.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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