Baskar Seshadri 

Please ensure dry hands before switching on any gadgets particularly Lights and Fans

Please wear rubber slippers when you switch on Geysers.

Avoid Ironing in the House during this period

Inverter users have to restrict usage only to Lights as Power Disruption may get extended sometimes in some Areas as the reason is Regional Specific.

Store Potable water

Please avoid jogging and walking for few Days

Let children wear Thick Dresses and socks if needed be.

Please Ensure that rain water do not get stagnated on the Terrace.

Frequently remove the water from the plant pots as it may lead to seepage at a later stage.

Please stay in Touch With Family whenever and wherever you are since they may not be able to Get Connected with you.

Pregnant Women – Please be careful and watch your Movements and be very slow in actions .Engage Assistance if needed be wherever you Move.

Charge Mobile Regularly and if needed have a spare Battery.

Keep candles and Matchsticks handy

Rains are the boon for our life and plants. Let’s Welcome it now and always

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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