Shree Jain Medical Relief Society – A Boon to us

Baskar Seshadri 

Shree Jain Medical Relief society is a known medical centre to those who reside in and around Mylapore. It was Initially a general clinic taking care of general ailments and it was fondly known to many old people as “Jain Aaspathiri” those days.

In fact as a young boy i have gone there several times for treatment in late sixties.

It’s a boon to poor people to get such treatment at an affordable cost even in those days and of course now too. They have opened eye clinic in the same Premises and Dr Suganya is handling the patients who comes for eye treatment. Whether its a eye Power check up, Pressure check or cataract you all have there in the same place in Arundale Street.

What more, you have a spec’s shop too to choose your glasses there.

The consultation fee is Rs 150/ for the eye check up and they are open every day between 10.30 am to 1. 00 pm.

Instead of spending huge money on corporate hospital i suggest this hospital to all my friends and contacts. if anybody is looking for a good ophthalmology please suggest this centre for a better medical assistance.

If you wish to reach them for any appointment kindly contact the phone number 044 – 2498 2497 and the address is No 48, Arundale street near Kutchery road Post office. They are closed on Sundays. Please share this in the interest of Public Good.

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