Baskar Seshadri

This is such a wonderful tree on Ramakrishna Mutt Road. It was so wide, big and Gigantic.

With its Beautiful leaves and long thin branches the appearance of the sky was amazing.

Creation of nature is always beautiful, all over. It’s not a planned design or a custom cultivated one. Its Natural and free.

The creation does not know its beauty and it does not know what it is all.

Scientific explanation or naming of it with Minute details is all knowledge.

Beauty and Creation is Beyond all these and its Immeasurable and of Beauty aplenty. Sky is a beauty, tree is a beauty, Vastness is a Beauty and the eyes that enjoyed is a beauty.

The Translation of such beauty to the mind is another. Life is always not understandable everywhere. It’s beyond the spectrum of the capability of the Human Mind.

Get struck at the beauty of these awesome wonders and Lose Yourself. This is the best one can do.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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