Baskar Seshadri

Karam Korpom is in the service of safekeeping the Public spaces from being abused for.

They mostly engage the school children on a holiday to try their hand with a Brush. And its again proved that these children are extraordinarily talented in Veeraperumal koil street where they took a Long wall to make it beautiful with the artwork in Colours. This is to ensure that these spaces are not misused by urchins and to avoid the space neat and clean.

With no financial support from the Govt doing this very often is not a cakewalk. Mrs Uma and Mr Sivakumar who is behind this project have a battery of regular volunteers and supporters and a long wall of around Hundred Feet was covered by them today using the services of their volunteers and Corporation school Students nearby.

This has to go big and there should be no wall in Chennai without an art of these People and their team.

Honestly speaking there are plenty of paint companies in Chennai and if they could support this venture once a year they can really paint the town Red.

Luckily today’s work was slightly hampered by drizzle but not much though.

Let’s support the team for their relentless venture. I wish all the residential association should use the services of Karam Korpom for a beautiful and cosmetically designed street wherever they are.

If you wish to reach Karam Korpom Foundation Please reach them at 98840 32182

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