Nutrition is the intake of food and drink by the human body and the subsequent chemical and physical processes that occur within the body when the food is broken down and the nutrients needed to maintain the body and keep it in good working order are released. Food and the nutrients obtained from our routine food are vital to keep our body healthy and fresh.. Nutrients are required in order to build and repair cells and body tissues, maintain our inner organs and bones in optimum working condition and to provide energy, fuel and warmth for the whole day.

Good nutrition is essential for good health and eating nutritious food can help to prevent against common ailments, as well as more life threatening illnesses and diseases. Healthy body makes the healthy mind. In this way concentrating on our healthy food is more important to us. Medical scientists now believe that a third of all cancers and most cases of heart disease are related to poor diet. Nowadays, we are becoming more aware of how our diet is important to our health and that it is vital that we eat the right kinds of food to stay healthy and fit.

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Capsicum is called Peppers,that are mild,hot or super hot.It contain phytochemicals that have disease-fighting antioxidants.peppers of all colors and flavors are among the richest sources of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Calories in Bell peppers includes,
1 large size Red bell pepper = 51 calories
1 large size Green bell pepper = 33 calories
1 large size yellow bell pepper = 50 calories
1 large size orange bell pepper = 50 calories
One form of capsicum is currently being studied as a drug for migraine, osteoarthritis, and other painful conditions.

Nutritional Value of Capsicum
 Carotenoids (Capsanthin, Capsorubin, Carotene and Lutein)
 Proteins
 Fats
 Vitamin A
 Vitamin C
 Capsaicinoid Oleoresin
 Provitamins E, P, B1, B2 and B3
 Steroidal Alkaloidal Glycosides (Solanine and Solasadine)
 Scopoletin (Coumarin)
 Capsicum contains Vitamins A and C, and beta-carotene. It’s low in fat, calories and cholesterol. If you thought your diabetic diet was supposed to be boring, try spicing up your cuisine with capsaicin-based products, like hot sauce or jalapeno peppers. Capsaicin is a flavorless, odorless chemical concentrated in the veins of chiles and peppers.
 Bell peppers are good for weight loss or weight maintenance,good anti-oxidant,lowers triglycerides,good laxative effect,good for diabetes and it speeds up the metabolism and help to burn more calories.


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