The light of Arunachala english poem

There the sun with valor and brightness,
Experienced the death at the age of seventeen .
Overcame the death and the victory was seen ,
Researching what is “I”and asking “who am i”?
got enlightened ascending very high ,
Discarding the studies deeply gone into meditation ,,
Thou were in the cave  for further realization ,
Threw away all  had  only the cloth of loin .
with only thought of athma and paramathma to join
The bliss from Arunachala kept on blowing .
“Atman reveals itself” the theme started flowing ‘
The name Venkatraman became ” Maharishi  Ramana”
Thou are the embodiment  of suguna ,
The lord Arunachala’s call made the body fall ,
On the auspicious Good friday it was the jyothi”s call,
Arose the magnificent  light flashed and moved up
Mingling with Arunachala towards the North up.
Aham Bramhasmi  was shining up to the brim .
In his teaching and principles  let us all swim .
Asato ma satgamaya
Tamaso ma jyothir gamaya
Mrithyorma amritham gamaya ,

2 thoughts on “The light of Arunachala english poem

  1. நல்ல முயற்சி – //Thou were in the cave for further realization // – There wasn’t any further realization for Bhagavan after the state was realized earlier during the death experience. This was stated by Bhagavan Himself.

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