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Manathil uruthi vendum
Vaakkinile inimai vendum
Ninaivu nalladhu vendum
Nerunggina porul kai pada vendum

Kanavu mei pada vendum
Kai vasamaavadhu viraivil vendum
Dhanamum inbamum vendum
Tharaniyile perumai vendum

Kan thirandhida vendum
Kaariyathil uruthi vendum
Pen viduthalai vendum
Periya kadavul kaakka vendum

Mann payanura vendum
Vaanagam inggu thenpada vendum
Unmai nindrida vendum


The Translation :

A self that remains unflinching with every heart beat,bhara
A self that can convey the most hurting words soft and sweet,
A self that can always cherish the noble thought,
And let the things within my reach always be sought!

Let each of my dream come true, till the last!
Let the objects that I hold in my thoughts reach me fast!
Give me wealth, but also give me infinite happiness on the inside!
Let the world flourish with abundant pride!

Oh please open my eyes to understand this world and people too!
Let there be steadfastness in whatever I do!
Let there be full liberation of women,
And let it be that you should always bless us from the heaven!

Let the land be bountiful,
And let the sky reflecting the self, be forever beautiful!
Give me a self that remains calm and clear, no matter what situation I am in!
Give me a self that remains true to itself, and let truth alone always win!!


2 thoughts on “Manadhil Urudhi Vendum

  1. Excellent. It brings out the spirit of the original, brushing aside the temptation to render a verbal translation. My best wishes to ajith, son of my beloved friend.
    K Ravi

  2. I like the way you have added.
    “Give me a self that remains calm and clear, no matter what situation I am in!”
    That I see the Bharathi in you today !! God Bless!!

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