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Freelance Vedanta trainer & Research service provider


Steel will,  Alert, Aware & Awaken, Empower with In.



Be Alert, Be Aware, Be Awake with IN & Society through Vedanta, Upanishad, Yoga & Spiritual.

Key Skills:

Empower human Shakti, Control with balance, channelize these emotion in constructive, positive way for empower, self-realization,  six emotions/Maya like Kama (desire), krodha (anger), Loba (miserliness), Moha (avariciousness), Matha (ego), and. Macharium (jealousy). Once we have Vairagya/ Dispassion, detachment & Vivekam/Discrimination or Discernment.

We are create new innovative clear perfect methods in yoga like Shiva Yoga/Man, Shakthi Yoga/Women, Arthanariswara/Third gender, Brahmana Yoga, Kshatrya Yoga, Vaisya Yoga & Sutra Yoga.  Everything happens through man manipulating but need to  make statistic plan  to counter file against the negative mind for universe peace.

This is teaching totally based on ancient Gurukula methods based on present time. We use energy analysis, mind astrology, Soul astrology and etc.,

“Give me 100 men of steel will and I will change the world”.  Brave, bold men, these are what we want. What we want is vigor in the blood, strength in the nerves, iron muscles and nerves of steel, not softening namby – pamby ideas……
What our country now wants are muscles of iron and nerves of steel, gigantic wills which nothing can resist, which can penetrate into the mysteries and the secrets of the universe, and will accomplish their purpose in any fashion even if it meant going down to the bottom of the ocean and meeting death face to face…. Ref. The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda…Volume 3     [  Page : 278 ] …THE WORK BEFORE US (Lecture in Madras- 1897

Visit other country to analysis & research the energy of the place through vedic hypnosis methods through atharva veda & srividya. After we start to suggest to concern people to improve the positive vibration through our ancient text with Human Positive Power.

Carrier Experience:

Past 15 years Gurukula learning from H.H.Sri.Sri.Sri.Ramakrishnananda Saraswathi Swamiji, Atharva veda Sankaracharya of Srividya Peetam/Riskesh.

Gurukula learning is highest methods of divine, spiritual knowledge with energy. Guru never teach directly, before teach, he gives severe test based on the test result start to teach indirectly so we need to be alert, aware, awake. This teaching is transforming his energy to us. Gurukula teaching is Watch & Learn. Even we are not learning Sanskrit, Vedanta knowledge but we get through Guru blessings based on time and requirements. With this experience we perform pooja, prayer, lecture, workshop, research in every subjects. There are 64kala/arts is there for human empower. We are service to every things based on our experience. All modern skill developments, psychology & all science come from our Vedanta. So we use our knowledge in every matter for empower with In & Society.

R.Ravisankar      Project Co Investigator  & Research Support Service Provider (RSSP)

  2. ii) Co – P.I for ER/IPR, DRDO Project “ VEDIC METHODS ON

                              ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION” (2008-09)

iii)   RSSP for  for ASP – ISRO Project  “ KNOWLEDGE MINING IN

                            ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE & VALIDATION USING

                                        MODERN    TOOLS “ (2009-2011)


                           FOR GOOD HEALTH” ( Science & Spirituality training

                                    for DRDO Labs in South India)(2012-2013)

Mind Management & Stress Management Trainer

  1. i) Indian Army – a . 666 Army Aviation Squadron b. 403 LT AD Regt    14th Corps OP Sig Regt  ( Leh, Ladak, Jammu & Kashmir)
  2. ii) ITPB – Indian Tibet Border Police  ( Leh, Ladak, Jammu & Kashmir)

iii)   INI                  – Institute of  National Integration (College of Military Engineering-Pune)

  1. iv) ASI – Army Sports Institute – Pune
  2. v) DRDO & ISRO Research Establishments vi) Universities, Colleges & Schools in India & Abroad

Ref: Our Mission & Vision


God with in us and guide every second.

As per telephone discuss we share some higher thoughts to you. We born for self, family and society empower. so keep relax, do based on your shakthi. your born already designed by God, but most of them not know so most of them search here and there. all in your own hand just drive your own car and reach your goal very simple.

so today fear is major role for every things as per our research. so hope you understand. kindly visit you tube type vedaravishangar you get many video on mantra, small lecture and etc., we attached our vedanta bio data. visit website, video and all. Modern tools is my best friend so it connect best people for us like you.

Our focus subject is Mind Management. Manage ME called Management. Self manage only to make others mind management. Mind & Heart is interlink between each others. today most of them not get synchronize this both. Once it not happens, out put result zero only.

Our ancient days our family teach very simple methods 1. pure prana 2. spend self practice 3. mixing with family 4. eat healthy food and etc., In this kalliyuga most of them have six emotions/Maya like Kama (desire), krodha (anger), Loba (miserliness), Moha (avariciousness), Matha (ego), and. Macharium (jealousy). First most of them want to accept this, value this emotion, respect this emotion then automatically Vairagya/ Dispassion, detachment & Vivekam/Discrimination or Discernment will balance this six emotion. Today most of them doing different type of training, counselling and etc., but all comes under this six emotion only. Once this six emotion balance with control then promote to mind management. All have interlink connection. Today the situation not allow to teach the truth. Day by day situation going very worst. Some of negative mind seriously working against the dharma. 1. They pollute the prana 2. pollute the food 3. pollute family relation 4. pollute five elements 5. pollute the humanity. This is their duty, they are doing with very well perfect planned. But this positive mind watching only, no counter file on this because there is no UNITY. Lord krishna told in Gita. Those who watch adharma with positive mind also punishable. no mercy. Lord krishna is best person for mind management. first he start to make unity between positive minds then he strengthen their minds based on their mind status. But today still situation not come to make unity between positive mind, most of positive mind human just watching very very rare try to make counter file but still they have FEAR, No Steel will. Fearless human only spread dharma, feel the god, experience the god. Still most of them Hide with IN.

Today we have very big challenge is there but ready to fight with challenge with smart and intelligent way.

Life is very beautiful, lot of challenge, never back from challenge, Challenge gives empower the life. We are limitless Shakthi. Just focus with IN. Go deep with IN. Take out our Shakthi for Wisdom & Peace. Veda.

Pray for smile, happy and peace.
Om shanthi

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