Bio-sequence, a possible solution to Corona


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When Corona / Covid-19 announced as pandemic, when first time lockdown announced in India, my wife asked me to find a solution to this issue. She used to hear many solutions from me for various issues and problems. I too was thinking about this, before she asked. But, didn’t get a catch. On 16th April 2020, in the early morning around 3 AM, I got a dream. The exact visual is tracing virus / bacteria through bio-sequence. Waked-up & I regain the word, that is ‘bio-sequence’. After that, I read few pages in online on this term.

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“Bio-sequence analysis deals with the translation of bio-sequence information
into biochemical and biophysical knowledge, to decipher the structural, functional and evolutionary clues encoded in the language of biological sequences.”

We can create a tool / system, which can read the bio-sequence of entire eco-system with bigdata technologies. With this we can trace any and all virus / bacteria, where it’s alive, who are affected and which areas are affected and which level it is.

We already know the bio-sequence of Corona ( We need to deep scan with powerful tools, if there is any match in the surrounding; this tool should give immediate report of a person or any living being or any physical element or a surface or space in the air. Not only Corona / Covid-19, we can apply this to any virus or bacteria.

Once, we know that a person is affected, we can quarantine. Again this bio-sequence can help in the treatment too. We can replace Covid-19 sequence with another sequence, which has more immunity. The Plasma treatment may help here. But, no need to depend a cured person. We can create the same healthy sequence & replace.

I study biology only in my school days, that too 26 years back; just suggesting this with a basic logic. Scientists, doctors, biotech engineers or any science enthusiast can explore more. I hope, this ‘Key’ word will trigger the solution.


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