Seshadri Baskar

The Issue of the last mile connectivity between Velachery and St. Thomas Mount has been in the court for almost a Decade and many actions/meetings from the Government, Railways and the affected residents had never helped to see the light.

The court interfered and increased the compensations to those who were affected but it was rejected by the people that it was not at par with the realty value of today. In between few politicians entered the scene who had been too active and tried their hands to drag the matter but the court had made a final say now.

All the people concerned who were affected were given the compensation and the last beneficiary too received the payment as per the court order last week. Now the demolition work had started and the remaining portion of railing is to be started soon and based on the information i had received from a local it seems only a little length of Five Hundred metres work is pending to be completed which it seems may take a maximum of Six months.

Assuming the work goes on at a good pace probably by mid of next year we can have the rail connection to Adambakkam and St. Thomas Mount mid of next year. Ist a real boon to those who live in the belt of Nanganallur , Velachery, St Thomas Mount and Adambakkam. And for a Mylaporean reaching tambaram will be a bed of roses. One can take the train here and alight at Mount only to take the next train to tambaram parallel to the area where he detrains .

Congrats SR, We are waiting . .

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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