Baskar Seshadri

It was early this morning close to seven am (January 14, 2021). I could see a young cute girl assisting her mother in the pottery painting near the luz corner.

She was bright and energetic to help her mother and she is Tejasvi. She was in full smile and was keen to do more painting all over the Pongal pots but was restricted by her mother fearing she may break by mistake.

She was in her innocence and do not even know what it is to dream about. Her mother was waiting for someone to pick up the pots but there were no big takers. They were sleeping on the pavements since yesterday night to do the sale on the eve of pongal.

Like many others Tejasvi is waiting for the school to open. She is to go to first standard. She should study well and not struggle like her parents and be on the pavement to eke the livelihood.

I wish to see them this evening to give few masks and little money. I am never able to come to terms in life with this inequality among people. In tears

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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