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When everyone had a dream to become an engineer or pursue aeronautical, James here in Mylapore decided to take up a different line two years ago and Mylai Boxing academy was born. It was a difficult situation in the beginning for him, when there were no takers for his coach and it was the place that matters most in deciding the growth of any venture. At that time, It was Mr. Rakesh who volunteered to give his place on solaiappan street, Mylapore where the Malathi Montessori school was functioning and it was closed few years ago. He remembers Rakesh every minute for all the support he has been lending all these years for his Venture.

It’s not just a bed of roses and going to James to get admitted. He is very particular about the studies of the student and only if he convinced that they are bright enough in academics he will admit the students. It was started on April 2 of 2019 and he had completed his two full years now. He teaches in the morning to some select students in Nageswara Rao Park and the aim of the coach Paul James is to groom more people to make them represent India in Boxing. He has nearly sixty students coming in different times and evening sessions does happen at Solaiappan street between six and eight pm. Both boys and girls can join if they fit the bill as James sees them.

James now 24 is not keen on fees and he has no qualms in admitting even from local slums and other parts of town. James has to credit big trophies which he got from TN Sports University, and he is a gold medallion winner which he had bagged in many events. If anybody has an aspiration one has to be a sound student and the approval of the parents is a must to get admitted over there. So if you come across anyone who has a keen interest in Boxing just do refer to our James. I am sure he will take those to greater heights.

Meet James in the Mahalakshmi School premises in the evening after six pm. Who knows, maybe your daughter or son can scale a high alt soon in this new coaching of boxing.

Please note that this is first boxing coaching ring in Mylapore and it’s on Solaiappan street, Mylapore.

If you are interested to talk to James catch him at 8056269195. He will be too happy to talk to you. This boxing ring is near Chitrakulam and Sankara Mutt which is close by Solaiappan street. It’s time for Punch .

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