Baskar Seshadri

May 21st, marks the death of Rajiv Gandhi and thirty years had gone by now. I was in my early thirties when this assassination had happened and the news shook me early in the morning through the radio bulletin. It was the news of Indira Gandhi one morning when i was in my office in 1984. Both Shook me a lot in my life and later it was MGR in I987. All with a gap of around three years plus.

India lost a charming Leader at his Prime age and I feel the shape of India could have been better had he had been alive. Of course am aware of Bofors and other Corruption cases that bogged down him and in spite of it i feel it’s an act of cowardice by the Sikh men and The team of LTTE.

As a follower of Cho I literally opposed Congress and at some point of time after their Ghory Death I felt it was an injustice to both Indira and Rajiv in our Own Land .The mystery which shrouded their death had still not come out with the brazen facts to its root. One day that will surely happen – One day .

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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