Baskar Seshadri

The Blue cross of India had kept the water bowls in many streets near Mandaveli. But that was in ceramic and it could not last long. They  get damaged very soon.

Tejasvi is a young  energetic boy who used to play cricket in the street (angry Batsman) had noticed this and wanted to do something. He smartly approached a mason who was doing a housing project nearby  and asked him whether he could do a small bowl at some nominal cost and it did happen in just a day. Now it’s cured and ready to quench the birds, cattle and few dogs that roam over.

I Never thought of this angle and I feel proud of Young Tejasvi for having stumbled upon this idea.

Kudos Tejas. The Bowl he did is in Tirvengadam street.

Friends can think on these lines in their respective streets.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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