Baskar Seshadri

When I was working in a Private company in Nungambakkam our accountant came to me and expressed a news which was shocking and I was not too sure whether it was correct.

It was in 1984 October and I had joined that company only in September. My work was to fetch coffee and go to bank and come to do sundry works for a meagre pay of Rs 275/pm. The matter is not about the Money or employment.

This news is different and to confirm the news of the accountant I came out from the office Near josier Street in Nungambakkam and pedaled towards Gemini.

The situation was chaotic and there were unrest here and there. There were fearful places allover and the news was confirmed that Indira Gandhi fell to the Bullets by her own security Guards on the fateful day of October 31. Had a strong opposition towards opposition since I was a serious reader of Thuglak and it remained for long the way till the death of Indira. She had done lots of Blunders from the days of Emergency and had done favoritism to many known people a typical approach any Powerful Politician could always do.

The Allahabad Judgement came as a jolt and ended her Big Political aspiration and the Emergency was to scuttle the opposition. All had come to an end on that morning of October 30th When she was about to start her day in the palatial House of Prime Minister.

Beant Singh with his accomplice shot her at the Point blank range and even before she could be rushed to AIIMS She was pronounced dead. The death was more of a shock since it was at PB Range. Finally she won all her opposition and enemies in and out with her death.

It was a cowardice act, the world can never forget. She was a tall leader with grit quicky and Energetic throughout. But other attitudes took her to a fathom. The Blue star operation was all the basic fact for this end to come at an age of 67 . The trigger at Golden temple ended in a Trigger at her own residence.

Her Bold decision to curb the violence ended in a tragedy when she lost her life. In fact she exercised her best powers after winning in 1980.  Violence is not in the weapon but in the of People who hold it

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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