Baskar Seshadri

Young Munuswamy is basically a photographer covering various functions in Chennai and with no business activity since the days of Covid. He was looking for an employment and had found one in Kapaleeswarar Temple, Mylapore.

Yes, he is the battery car operator that brings and drops the aged and physically challenged devotees to the temple. He makes it a point to be at the entrance of the temple at sharp nine in the morning and goes around to fetch the pilgrims.

He goes via north mada street and move upto Ramakrishna mutt road and turn back at sangeetha to reach the temple again.

Literally he makes around fifteen trips every day in the morning and evening.  The number of trips may go up on festival and auspicious days.

He works upto one in the noon and drops the vehicle in Karpagambal kapaleeswarar kalyana mandapam near Sai Baba temple where the vehicle is left for charging.

Few Years ago well before Covid, two such vehicles were donated by Sundaram Finance and one is now being used now here in the temple and the other had been sent to servicing.

Former MLA Dr. Nataraj Inaugurated the event at that time but as temples were closed the vehicles were not used for long time. In the evening, Munuswamy Resumes work at four pm and closes the schedule at nine pm.

The devotees are happy about this service and thank the sponsor Sundaram Finance.

Please tell your aged friends and contacts of this service who are regulars to the temple.

This vehicle can carry seven persons including the operator – In the meanwhile am planning to write to HRCE and the temple authorities  to get the second vehicle readied so that it can be used on South Mada and East mada streets in the days to come.

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