A Pleasant Experience at Corporation Dispensary


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Baskar Seshadri

I had a Pleasant Experience Few Days ago at the Corporation Dispensary.

I was advised initially that i should take the Vaccination for my grandson from a reputed medical house. Many suggested few places and when i enquired in various places all of them had quoted sky high fee for all those.

Finally a doctor known to us said we better use the facility of the Government Urban Public Health Centre. I enquired in a local PHC near Spencer on Mandaveli and i was told to come on a specific day. We went there and got the injection and Oral dosage all in a matter of fifteen minutes after a small wait.

Besides this the Doctor suggested some parental points and it was perfect in all aspects and we were happy to have sought a good advice and at no extra cost. Thanks Doctor. Our Respects and Namaskarams.

Am Glad that such Facility do exist in Government centres. This Medical centre is in Ramakrishna Nagar behind Spencer on Venkata Krishna Road.

I wish this be shared in the interest of many People who are in need of such a service.Thanks.

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