Barley is a rich source of soluble and insoluble fiber.It also contains tocotrienols,which help lower cholesterol and reduce risk for heart disease.Barley is consistently rated as one of the best whole grains for weight loss and blood-pressure control, as well as protection against type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers.

For Weight Loss, Eat Barley in the Morning:

Barley eaten at breakfast is still being digested during lunch (44%) and even as late as dinner (14%). That means barley eaten early helps protect you from excessive fat storage during much of the day.The secret to barley is its fiber content. Due to the high amount of soluble fiber in barley, it creates a very low blood sugar spike compared to other carbohydrates and takes a long time to digest.Large blood sugar spikes lead to increased fat storage through the activity of insulin, a naturally occuring hormone. Barley provides you some protection against this.

Barley’s Effect on Cholesterol and Appetite:
Barley is also full of insoluble fiber. While insoluble fiber doesn’t help your cholesterol level, it is a great appetite control tool. It absorbs water and makes you feel full on less, reducing your likelihood of overeating. It works similar to oat bran, since it has beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is a soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol. Since this discovery, farmers have been working hard to create barley that is high in beta-glucan.

How to Use Barley:
It can replace rice in most dishes, including soups, casseroles and side dishes. It has a mild flavor, somewhere between white rice and brown rice, so it’s easy to substitute for either type of rice. Barley is very simple to prepare; add one cup of barley to three or four cups of boiling water and simmer for about an hour. You’ll notice it becomes soft and fluffy as it absorbs the water. This quality makes it a great filler for soups and stews.

You can try various barley recipes for your breakfast.Just give a try,eat healthy ,and good for dieting too……



Rice – 1 cup
Barley – 1 cup
Black gram(Urad dal) – 1 cup
Salt – As reqd
sesame oil


Soak the rice, barley and urad overnight or atleast for 8 hrs.
The barley takes a long time to soak.
Grind the urad dal separately first and then the rice and barley together.
When the batter is smooth and done, mix the urad and the rice barley batter together.
Add the salt and let it undisturbed in a warm place for around 8 hrs.
When the batter rises, mix gently, adjust the water consistency
and take a ladle and pour it on the tava.
Pour oil around the sides and leave it on low-medium flame.
Once brown and cooked, remove it without overturning it.
you can also try barley idli with this batter…..It will be really nice to eat……Try it.

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