Baskar Seshadri 

Tamilnadu Government had opened Chief minister’s mini clinic in all parts of the state and chennai has good number of such medical rooms.

Here in Mylapore The CM Inaugurated one on Kutchery road yesterday. The old GCC office opposite the post office had been converted as a Clinic and the earlier activity of GCC hitherto functioning on Ground Floor had been shifted to the first floor of the building. This will open in the morning at eight and shuts at twelve in the noon. Again in the evening it starts at Four pm and closes at eight pm.

The UHPC’s Which are available in the morning hours are not open in the evening after three pm and this new mission will surely help people to make use of the facility in the evening too. All these clinics are ably supported by a Doctor, An assistant, a Nurse and this point can be used for a basic investigation too.

This clinic is closed on Saturdays.

People can use this at no cost and any one can walk in for a treatment and no identity proof is needed for availing the facility. The space here is comfortable and close to fifteen people can sit and wait for their turn. Besides there is also a little space available as a sit out which can be used too if the hall is fully occupied. I feel that if its used better and maintained well its sure to be a hit.

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