Seshadri Baskar

There has been some news on the RTO approval of the garbage van being run on battery. The manufacturer (REEP Motors) nowhere claims in any place in the website that it is to be approved by RTO. It’s a battery run rechargeable electric vehicle and since it can be run only at a maximum speed of 25 kmph the question of RTO approval is not needed. It can be used only for a maximum of eight hours if charged fully and Probably the battery designed one (a Mosfet based one) do run at no noise level (its less than 75 Db) and the carrying weight and running speed makes no big difference on the continuous operations for about six /Eight Hours.

The factory has its operations in Tamilnadu and has dealers too all over. It seems big bungalows and theme parks and large housing community has few of them for a short journey within the campus. In fact the vehicles that are being used in T Nagar Pondy bazaar area in smart city project may be the same it seems. And of course the license for the same is also not needed it is learnt. If the prices are brought down drastically it can be a best bet for fuel fired vehicles on the count of pollution/ Noiseless driving and of course for a safe and simple driving for a limited local drive.

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