Baskar​ ​Seshadri

When I was motoring I could hear some devotional song from somewhere but there was no function or any event. Listening to the rendering  while driving  I found this couple standing in a corner of a road singing with the little musical instruments on South Mada street Mylapore. I could see the big face of a penury and grief stricken couple who happened to be differently- abled.

Yes they can’t see and their vision was lost decades back and they manage their life by doing this singing wherever they go. I felt very heavy inside and it was almost an ache and I was unable to stand there further. I personally know the pain of what poor vision is and this sight was so deep in me and made me unmoved for a while.

No answer can redress this couple and no money can ever satiate what they need. Don’t understand the crudeness of this imbalanced life. What’s the fun in posting a photo, poetry or sarcasm on a wall? I am sensible to understand in being absurd as someone remarked to me the other day. He was cultured enough to describe me gently. I don’t fit anywhere. I am a shapeless sapien. I should not compare, but a comforting mind of life hits me on my face.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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