Baskar Seshadri

This morning around 4.30 am I was just returning back to home in Mandaveli after a coffee.

Near R K Nagar I saw an auto and a young girl. It was well lit.

The driver told he could not drop her because of some problem in the vehicle.

I just thought I can drop the girl to the main road so that she can get an auto. But since she had a huge luggage she could not do that. Or she might have felt uneasy to travel with a stranger.

When I found that I could do nothing I just asked her and the driver to wait over there a while. I came to main road near Spencer and after few minutes I was able to stop an auto-man and told him to drop her.

So nice he was there to oblige and in next one minute he reached the girl and picked her to drop near Madhya Kailash where she has to board a bus to go out of station.

She said thanks but only the two drivers deserve that. The one who remained with her with the stranded auto and the one who ferried her.

Real Good Samaritans.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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