Baskar Seshadri

The committee appointed by the state govt. on the banning of online games has to seriously work and submit the report, because earlier the Case was not handled properly and the Judge made it clear that the ban cannot be enforced since such games are in existence all over the world in India and in Tamilnadu too.

When the game is a subject of intelligence or of chances is unsure at this stage was the contention of the court to reject the proposal last time. Hope this time the report has to be made more strongly citing all the mental agonies of the families are undergoing after the tragedy that had struck all these few years.

Moreover the impact of the disturbance the young minds undergo is the second one apart from the monetary loss and the way in which the said victim had explored the ways to find money.

Am sure there should be a strong connection to this victim of these games and those who collect Usury Interest.

The govt. had moved on a right direction though its bit late. Let’s Hope the courts concerned see this issue as a serious problem and order to enforce the ban.

An Interim stay is also an ideal one before the final order.

Can you believe that thirty People had committed suicide so far these years because of the loss they had undergone?

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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