The Golden Connect – Madras Day Memories on Marina


Seshadri Baskar

I never had an idea that I would be having an interesting evening today (3rd September) near the sands of Marina overlooking the beautiful beach. It was a meeting arranged by the Golden Connect to discuss and share the memories of madras of seventies and before.

In fact this should have been arranged a fortnight back when Madras day was on but it was scheduled only today. It was a mixture of gathering of old and young where those who have memories of those days shared their life in Madras.

Many oldies like me shared the experiences of the old madras. From the rich culture to religion and from Cinema to clothing everything that was connected to old madras were shared by a group of people numbering around thirty.

Though it was a small gathering the exchanges that were made by many was extremely great.

One Lady shared her experience of having travelled in a small boat near Thannithurai Market and someone spoke in detail about the cycle rickshaw Journey to school. The most important Hire Cycle (Hour Cycle for us) was also a topical interest. From my end I shared an emotional connect of the sudden termination of the Tram Services. Luz, where there used to be a connecting point was in grim mood and when People realsied that the services were stopped they broke.

Later children used the track to play the magnet game on kutchery road on the tracks. Years after when urban managers went to remove the tracks children cried for Hours and none of them could be convinced.

It was a emotional attachment which any money can’t buy.

In a meeting that lasted for two hours almost everyone had something to share. It was quite interesting to see youngies in the gathering.

The organizers had planned for a regular meeting of this sort at-least once in three months.

The meeting was held in Museum of possibilities building on the beach road opposite Avvaiyar Statue. The building is so cute and well furnished with air – conditioned comfort.

Many people are interested to document the old madras with inputs from Octogenarian. A young girl was all on move to do a big story on Pelathope.

It was my first visit to meet these people and i do not know anyone or their names. But the little group has the best potent to show case Madras in a Magnificent way in the coming days.

What then? We all wound up for the day with coffee and some settled for ice cream and Bread of “Winners” who had put up a stall. Sipping a cup of coffee looking at the sea is a bonanza.

Am glad that I did not take a nap this evening or did not choose for arguments in Facebook. Thanks to Golden connect for the Invite. Waiting for more.

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