Restitch Point – Dream from a twenty square feet room

Baskar Seshadri

Young Murugadoss who found few hours of time during his lunch break in his office never thought of a short nap in his house or did not plan a matinee show in the nearby Kamadhenu Theatre or Kapali. But he wanted to do an active business and what he thought was supply of half pant shots mainly a sportswear of those days especially for badminton game to readymade garment stores of Mylapore and adjoining areas. And he was successful too when he was in his mid-twenties. The challenge was not over. Then he thought of a small place in Luz and asked his father who owns it to give it to him on Rental. He readily agreed and he started his first venture in 1986 with just twenty square feet area.

So what the business was? It was a re-stitching or alteration Point in the colloquial language.

Murugadas says “When I started this venture I used to ask the customer to stand out and i will personally take the measurement because the space inside the shop can accommodate only one person and a tailoring machine”.

Now he had grown much better where he owns two portions one for the workshop and for the tailoring unit. Sheer hard work pays is a proof in the case Of Murugadoss.

Now you could have guessed that Murugadoss is the son of Namdev Rao popularly known as GN Rao.

Restitch point was born in 1989 and it was the first venture in the city to have an exclusive shop of restitching.

His father passed away in 1997 and his brothers all four are in the same textile area in various places like Madipakkam Nanganallur and one in Luz near Rangaswamy Studio is the most famous point among others and this is a total tailoring unit for only new garments.

His wife Sasikala is also a tailor of fashions and she supports her husband a lot.

Initially Dass was handling men garments but later in 2001 he started venturing into women garments too. Alterations of any kind are accepted here for a nominal rate. If you want to alter a BIG Shirt to your lean size of body he is ready to do it or if you have a torn collar and need a replacement you can head on to him.

He had his units in various places but finally settled in Luz (oldies may remember the shanti VIhar Hotel). He has his regular customers who reach him even today for their requirements. Many Tamil magazines and The Hindu (Liffy thomas did a story) had carried reports about his ventures those days and Mylapore times (Janaki did this) had done a story too in mid of nineties. He is to complete his thirty first year this coming December of his unit and if you have a triple XL shirt take it to him to get it fixed to your size.

Murugadas can be reached at 98402 95552. Restitch point has five full time tailors though he had eight last year pre covid. Now amid the corona impact he is able to manage after the relaxation.

Novel ideas always pay and Murugadas of Restitch point is a classic example. Keep up.

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