Support Ilavarasi – She wants her son to Study well


Baskar Seshadri 

Ilavarasi lives on South Canal Bank Road and she is eking out her living by not selling idlis or Podi. She is neither selling Appalam. But she does water washing of two wheelers and three wheelers. She lives in a small hut behind this wash shop and has few people to support her in this mission besides her brother. She is struggling hard to make out her living. She and her team are perfect in their works and they spend a good deal of time to clean the vehicle.

Apart from this if there is any issue in the vehicle, she gets it fixed with the approval from the customer since there are two mechanic shops around her. She cleans the outer side of the car and three wheelers too. In case if you are not able to go there in person and wait for an hour, she is ready to engage her men to pick the vehicle and drop it back after the work is completed. she charges extra Rs Fifty for this extra service.

She can cater to such needs in RA Puram, Mandaveli, Mylapore and Santhome. If for example if you are unable to move out still you can get the job done in two hours flat. your well cleaned vehicle will welcome you with a glittering wash once if you come out to see that.

She lives with her blind mother and family. Ilavarasi is a Pleasing person and treats customers too well. Next time if you wish to clean your two-wheeler or a three-wheeler or a car Please think of this shop. This is on south canal Bank Road near Alphonso Ground.

Please support her and ask not any discount. Your two Hundred Rupees goes to educate her son better. Let’s support her venture which she is doing for the past seven years and Let’s do our best to these type of small Business community who need help from us.

She is part of this society and are related too all of us and we cannot decline her on her Career Mission.

You can reach this shop on the Two Numbers mentioned in the Image.

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